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Mission - Goals - Objectives
2006 - 2007 Conference Year

The Mission Statement and Goals remain the same for this conference year. However, based on the evaluation of our efforts for last year, the objectives needed to change. The intention is to keep our objectives in line with our people resources. The focus this year is on identifying, training and developing our resources.


Continue the spiritual growth of S1. Mark by enabling the members to make the transition from church roll membership to discipleship. "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations," Matthew 28: 19

GOAL ONE - Make new disciples for Christ


  1. Identify sources outside of St Mark that can be utilized to continue to develop and grow disciples, for the ministries within the church.
  2. Develop an Evangelism ministry to seek to make disciples of those in the neighboring community, especially the families who occupy new homes in the area.
  3. Design and implement a new members class that is meaningful yet flexible and applicable for the various life styles of the members that have joined the church and those who will join.

- Promote the spiritual growth of the church


  1. Identify and train teachers for Church School and Bible Study.
  2. Grow the Bible Study and provide home classes.
  3. Organize a tape ministry to utilize for home worship and evangelistic outreach.
  4. Train the Class Leaders to promote and implement home worship and study

GOAL THREE - Make the presence of the church felt in the community


  1. Continue to minister to the children in the community through the Vacation Bible School.
  2. Continue to fellowship and work with Clergy United for Christ (CUFC) and the NAACP since the alliance with these groups have proven to be an effective way to make the presence of St mark felt in the community.

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