Ministries and Boards

Ministerial Staff

  • Pastor – Rev. Maurice S. Daniels, Sr.
  • Supernumerary Deacon – Rev. Jacqueline Nolton, Min. of Worship and Leader of Leaders
  • Local Preacher – Sis. Johnsilynn Maize-Daniels
  • Exhorter – Bro. Anthony Giles


Board of Evangelism

Actively seeking to bring people into relationship with Christ: The winning of persons to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord

  • Rev. Maurice S. Daniels, Sr., Director of Evangelism


  • Ministerial Staff
  • All Ministries

Women Home & Overseas Missionary Society

The arm of Zion Methodism responsible for promoting missionary activities both home and abroad.

  • Evelyn Wathington, Parent Body Pres.
  • Barbara West, Buds of Promise
  • Edith Moultrie, Treasurer
  • Margaree Coleman-Carter, Secretary


  • Rachel Gumbs
  • Marilyn Towns
  • Shirley Todd
  • Gloria Walker
  • Cynthia Washington


  • Lillian Hughes, S.A.C.R.E.D. Health Ministry

Affiliated with WH&OMS; this ministry equips individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to improve the health and wellness of humankind.

  • Caribbean Support
    WH&OMS will organize efforts to raise funds for Connectional Caribbean Support

Board of Trustees

Trustees are responsible for the supervision and care of all property and equipment owned by the local church. These persons are also responsible for maintaining order and decorum in the church.

  • Ephraim Hughes – Chairman
  • Richard Weaver – Vice Chairman
  • Judith Dansby – Secretary
  • Margaree Coleman-Carter


  • Shirley Todd
  • Evelyn Wathington
  • Iry Williams

Board of Stewards

The Preacher Steward and Steward Board are to see that all necessary provisions are made for temporal comfort of Pastor in Charge and his/her family.

  • Bro. Anthony Giles, Preacher Steward


  • Franklin Hampton
  • Lillian Hughes
  • James Hughes
  • George McDonald
  • Sam Vinson
  • Eddie Watson
  • George Williams

Stewardess Board

The Stewardess Board assists the Stewards, Preacher’s Steward in making provisions for the support and comfort of the Pastor and his/her family and to serve in any other capacity the pastor deems necessary.


  • Roslyn Davis
  • Dottie Sims
  • Rev. Jacqueline Nolton

Board of Treasury & Finance

A responsible group of individuals that plan for the raising of monies for the Local church, District Conference, Annual Conference and the General Church. It coordinates all financial aid in securing support of the budget and keeps the members informed as to their stance in meeting the Budget. This Board works closely, in love, with the Pastor in Charge.


  • Anthony Giles
  • Franklin Hamptom
  • Ephraim Hughes
  • Rev. Jacqueline Nolton

Deaconess Board

Deaconess aid in communion preparation and serving on visits to the sick: Women of great pietic experiences and dedicated to the arduous task of relieving the needy and giving of themselves, without reservation to the service of the Lord: They are duty bound to go about doing good and ministering to the needs of a sin-sick world, ministering to the poor, praying for the dying, caring for orphans, seeking the wandering, comforting the sorrowing, saving the sinners and always being ready to take on any duty for which willing hands cannot otherwise be found.

  • Edith Moultrie – President


  • Emily Armstrong
  • Shirley Todd

Class Leaders – “Sub Pastors”

Also known as “sub pastors,” their role is to lead a class or a small group of members; to inquire about how their souls prosper, to advise, reprove, comfort, exhort as occasions might require in love.

  • Leader of Leaders: Rev. Jacqueline Nolton
  • Class #1: Mrs. Shirley Todd
  • Class #2: Mr. George McDonald
  • Class #3: Mrs. Lillian Parish
  • Class #4: Mrs. Delphine Clax
  • Class #5: Mr. Anthony Giles
  • Class #6: Devin Davis

Board of Christian Education

Board that promotes the teaching ministry for all ages (includes Bible Study, Sunday School & Vacation Bible School).

  • Barbara West – President


  • Rev. Maurice S. Daniels
  • Richard Weaver

Advisory & Support:

  • Margaree Coleman-Carter
  • Anthony Giles
  • Johnsilynn Maize-Daniels
  • Rev. Jacquelin Nolton

Ministry of Music

The Ministry of Music utilizes the expression of song to communicate the message of the Lord and to nurture His presence that He may be glorified.

  • Ephraim Hughes – President
  • George McDonald – Choir
  • Jeff – Musician

Usher Board

The usher must out of loyalty and dedication, have a desire for success of worship always. Their obligations are to oversee the congregation and visitors as to seating direction, and the order and decorum of the worship.

  • Delphine Clax – President

Lay Council

The body of lay people (non-clergy persons) in Zion Methodism whose responsibility is to disseminate information to create a greater awareness and understanding of the polity and practices of the church.

  • President – Lillian Parish & Anthony Giles

Courtesy and Hospitality

Responsible for conducting outreach activities, preparing and coordination events that welcome new members, promote fellowship and support church functions. This ministry includes operating and maintaining the upkeep of the kitchen.

  • Edith Moultrie – Coordinator

Home Missions

Responsible for the spiritual interests of the Church and for the relief of mission charges and preachers.


  • Emily Armstrong
  • Edith Moultrie

Historical Committee

The duties of this committee are to preserve valuable historical records of the Denominations, to gather original minutes of several Annual and General Conferences and current minutes’ books. This is a general duty, but on the local scene, the obligation is the same, only extended to historical markers for the local church or personality. The church’s history is to be recorded, its age (founding) contribution to the community or nation and any other involvement.

  • President and Members TBD

Other Boards and Ministries

  • Acolyte: Devon Davis
  • Advocacy Ministry: Shirley Todd
  • Food Pantry: Edith Moultrie
  • Men’s Ministry: George Williams
  • Media Technology:  Melvin Todd
  • Prayer Ministry:
  • Women Ministry: Rev. Jacqueline Nolton